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Farmers State Bank is a member of the FDIC -- short for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, an independent agency of the United States Government. The FDIC protects you against the loss of your insured deposits and is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

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Money Market Account

A type of Statement Savings Account with limited check writing capabilities attached. Interest paid on this account is variable, typically higher than our NOW and SUPER NOW accounts, calculated on a daily ledger balance, and paid monthly. Interest is only paid for each day the ledger balance is equal to or exceeds $1000.

Monthly Maintenance Fee if the daily ledger balance falls below $1000: $20.00.

Activity Charges: None, activity is limited to 6 pre-authorized transfers (telephone transfers, wire transfers, and checks) per month. Unlimited in-person withdrawals (requires teller notification of the nature of the transaction).

There is no charge for the bank to safekeep images of your checks.

Image statements can be returned with your monthly statement for a fee of $3.75 per month. Variations on the number of images per page and inclusion of the backs of the checks are options available for an additional $1.50 per month for each option.