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Three porches, each displaying an American flag.
A photo of Craig Goodlock, chairman of Farmers State Bank.

Message from the Chairman and CEO

Craig M. Goodlock

Farmers State Bank is an independent community bank committed to providing our corners of Ingham, Jackson, Livingston, and Washtenaw Counties with quality financial services, equitably priced, by people you know and trust. The bank is owned by a broad base of primarily local residents who take pride in being part of a nearly one hundred year old institution that has served the area so well for so many years. The Board of Directors is comprised of six business men and women who live and work in our market area. Prior to serving as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, I served as a teller beginning in 1979, was given the task of installing the bank’s first main frame computer system in 1985, became President and Chief Executive Officer in 1989, and was made Chairman of the Board in 2008. It has been my extreme privilege and pleasure to spend my career helping friends, old and new, achieve their financial dreams here at Farmers State Bank. We are "the bank where you feel at home." Thank you for visiting our site.

Black and white photo of an old Farmer's State Bank exterior.


Farmers State Bank was founded in 1922 by about 50 area farmers and small business owners to meet the banking needs of a rural but fast growing community. In order to reopen its doors after the depression era bank holiday, each of the stockholders was required to reinvest his or her initial capital investment, effectively doubling the stockholder equity in the corporation. Most did, but several who could not sold to existing or new stockholders who had the cash available. As with many small community banks, Farmers State Bank had only one office for many years located in its town of origin, Munith. In 1977, the office was relocated to a newly constructed building next to the original location. In 1990 the first branch location was added in Stockbridge, and in 1995 the Grass Lake office opened for business. In addition to the 3 locations in Mid-Michigan, the bank offers a full line of services online and via mobile Apps.