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Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, we ask that our customers use our online and mobile banking options, as well as our ATMs, phones, and drive-up locations in Munith, Stockbridge, and Grass Lake, MI. We will still have normal banking hours but our lobbies will be closed until further notice. Call 517-985-1062 for more information.

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How We Protect You

Your Security is Important to Us

Your online security is important to us. Farmers State Bank is committed to safeguarding your personal information and privacy utilizing the latest technology.

Access ID's and Passcodes

When you sign up for Online Banking, Farmers State Bank asks you to choose your own Access ID and Passcode to access your accounts. We also require you to select security questions and answers that can be used for additional verification purposes. Our online enrollment process automatically ensures that each Access ID is unique and that your Passcode meets established standards. Your Passcode is encrypted in our database and we do not have access to this information. Your account will automatically be locked after three unsuccessful login attempts within a 24-hour time frame in order to prevent unauthorized attempts to access your account.

Timed Log-off

Farmers State Bank will automatically log you off from Online Banking after 10 minutes of inactivity. This reduces the risk of others accessing your information from your unattended computer.

Physical and Technological Security

Encryption - Farmers State Bank's Online Banking Service uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology for everything you do while using Online Banking. Your browser automatically activates this technology when it attempts to connect to Farmers State Bank's Online Banking. Online Banking requires a browser that supports 256-bit encryption and will warn you if your browser does not meet this requirement.

Whenever SSL is securing your communications, the browser will typically indicate this secure session by changing the appearance of a small icon of a padlock at the bottom of the screen from "open" to "locked". What this means to you is that your communications are scrambled from your browser to our servers at all times so no unauthorized party can read the information as it is carried over the Internet.

Although you may not see the lock icon at the log in screen, the communications are still being encrypted using SSL.

Certificate Authority - The servers hosting the Farmers State Bank's Online Banking have been certified by a Certificate Authority to assure you that you are actually connecting to Farmers State Bank instead of someone pretending to be us.

Cookies - During your use of Farmers State Bank's Online Banking our Online Banking Service Provider will pass an encrypted cookie to your computer in order to identify your computer during the session. This cookie enables us to process multiple transactions during the session without having to provide an Access ID and Passcode for each individual transaction. Users must accept this cookie to use Online Banking. This cookie does not contain any personal information; it simply provides another level of security for our Online Banking product. The cookie is stored on your computer's hard-drive, identifying your computer while you are logged on. When you log off, close your browser, or turn off your machine, the cookie will be destroyed. A new cookie is used for each session; thus, no one can use the prior cookie to access your account.

Additionally, the computer systems your personal information is stored on are protected 24 hours a day by security features including powerful firewalls, anti-virus protection, and network and host intrusion detection devices.

Technology Updates

In order to confront constantly evolving online threats, Farmers State Bank is committed to keeping up with and utilizing the latest technology to ensure your account security.